About My Touchdown Box...

We offer monthly and quarterly subscription boxes as well as individual boxes, all packed with NFL merchandise. 

Subscribers can either choose a specific team, or they can select one of our variety boxes. 

Each box has a fun, quirky name that tells a story about either a player, mascot, coach, team or owner.

We offer a bespoke subscription box service for NFL fans based in the UK and are proud to be the first and only UK NFL subscription box service. 

Because of our dedicated personal shoppers, customers are guaranteed quality control for every item they receive. We also promise our customers that they'll never receive the same item twice.

Fans benefit from receiving NFL merchandise at a reduced cost, as well as free delivery and no international shipping, all bundled together in a fun, monthly or quarterly box!

We are an authentic family-owned business and as CEO and Founder we are not just owners, but true American Football fans (go Big Blue!) so there’s a real sense of a personal service and a community for fellow NFL fans. 

We have Facebook and Twitter pages where we share all the latest news from the league and an Instagram page where we offer giveaways on a regular basis. You can also see a huge variety of some of the items we have available.

If you see specific items that you'd like, please let  us know and we will do our best to cater.