My Touchdown Box

Every fan deserves to feel like one.

Welcome to the world's only NFL merchandise subscription and gift box service for NFL fans. 

Simply choose your team, size and frequency and let our personal shoppers do the rest. Already have some items? Just send a list of what you have, so we know to avoid those items.

Please note postage is free for UK based fans, £17.50 for USA based fans and £15 for all other fans.

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We are proud to be the world's only NFL subscription and gift box service. With almost 6 million dedicated British fans, American Football is currently the fastest growing sport in the UK, and it's popularity certainly isn't slowing down. Our goal is to cater to fans all around the world, particularly here in the UK, where we are based. 

Our boxes are packaged by our dedicated personal shoppers, which means each and every item is checked for quality control. All of our regular subscribers have their own bespoke fan record, meaning we are able to guarantee you will never receive the same item twice. 

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