My Touchdown Box

The world's only NFL gift box service. 

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Welcome to the world's only NFL Gift Box service. With over six million dedicated British fans, American Football is currently the fastest growing sport in the UK and it's popularity certainly isn't slowing down. Our goal is to provide NFL gift boxes to fans all around the world, particularly here in the UK, where we are based. 

Our boxes are packaged by our dedicated personal shoppers and are the perfect gift choice for any age. When a customer places an order, either for a gift box or subscription box, the content of each box is logged against their profile record, which means we are able to ensure nobody receives duplicated items. 

Our Baby Boxes include an official NFL babygrow or outfit, a set of dummies, a baby bottle or bib and either a teddy, blanket or other baby item. 

Our Kid's Activity Boxes include an NFL colouring book, a set of colouring pencils, a puzzle or Lego, a teddy bear or pop figure and a junior Wilson football. If you'd like a t-shirt to be included in your box, just let us know.

Our Christmas Gift Boxes include a t-shirt or winter hat, a Christmas stocking, tree decorations or a Christmas hat, a 2" mini helmet and a team mug. If you would like a t-shirt instead of a hat or vice versa or for any other special requests, please let our team know via email or send us a message on one of our social media pages. 

For Children's Christmas Boxes, a teddy bear will be included in place of the t-shirt or hat. 

Our Adult Gift Boxes vary but typically include a t-shirt or hat, a 2" mini Riddell helmet, a fLag or banner, and either a scarf, mug, Wilson football or other item. 

The content of each box purchase is logged against your very own customer record, which means you won't receive any duplicated items when you order from us again!

We are also excited to announce that our Touchdown Teddies are now available to order and are exclusive to My Touchdown Box.

If there are any items you'd like to either avoid or be included in your box or for any other special requests, please email our shopping team at: or contact us via social media!

Please note that recorded postage is free for UK based fans, £17.50 for USA based fans and £15 for all other International fans.