Each team option gives you the the choice to purchase a Baby Gift Box, a Kid's Activity Box, a Christmas Gift Box, a Men's Gift Box, or a Women's Gift Box

Our Baby Boxes include an official NFL babygrow or outfit, a set of dummies or baby bottle, a bib and a teddy or other baby item. 

Our Adult Gift Boxes vary but typically include a t-shirt or hat, a 2" mini Riddell helmet, a flag or banner, and either a scarf, mug, Wilson football or other item.  

Our Kid's Activity Boxes include an NFL colouring book, a set of colouring pencils, a Lego item, a teddy bear, puzzle or pop figure and a junior Wilson football. If you'd like a t-shirt instead of a teddy or pop figure, just let us know.

Our Christmas Gift Boxes include a t-shirt or winter hat, a Christmas stocking or premium pillow, a tree decoration or a Christmas hat, a 2" mini helmet and a team mug or other item. If you would like a t-shirt instead of a hat or vice versa or for any other tailored or special requests just get in touch with our team via social media or email. Please note that for Children's Christmas Boxes, a teddy bear, book or pop figure will be included in place of the t-shirt or hat. Our Christmas Boxes can now be purchased all year round, for the savvy planners out there.

If you've seen any items on our social media pages or elsewhere that you would specifically like included in your box, please let us know and we'll do our best to cater. Similarly, if you already have certain items, again just let us know and we'll be sure to avoid sending duplicates.